Endodontic inserts are rotating instruments used in the treatment of root canals to facilitate the removal of pulp tissue and the preparation of the canal space.

Endodontic inserts work in conjunction with a scaler.


  • Ultimate Precision: Our ultrasonic inserts are designed with exceptional precision to allow you to perform delicate steps during endodontic treatment, such as the removal of dentinal overhangs from the pulp chamber or to assist you in locating calcified canals.
  • Optimize your endodontic retreatments: Access inserts also enable you to push the boundaries of your retreatments by eliminating canal obstacles (posts, screws, cement residue) as well as fractured instruments!
  • Compatibility: Our inserts are compatible with a wide variety of ultrasonic generators, including Satelec®, NSK®, EMS®, and many others. You don’t have to worry about the adaptability of our products to your existing equipment.


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